The Waiting Game…


Every week is a bonus….

That’s our philosophy now. What a hectic week we have just had, but the good news is, the flat packing is done!!!! In fact, it went amazingly well, no mistakes (*cough), no accidents and it didn’t even take too long. This, was due to the fact that I had Super Flat Pack Man at my side. Who is a true superhero, and someone who is slightly weird. One of my friends who absolutely loves flat pack furniture, and sloths!

Family and friends have been round, they have been painting our kitchen, nursery and dining room. They have been drilling and fixing furniture and shelving, and in all respects have been blooming marvelous. We now have a new bathroom, after all, we couldn’t go without a bath for the baby. My wife has also got a new walk in wardrobe, which was expertly built by my incredibly patient step-dad. Who had to build a set of drawers inside the cupboard and then had to assemble the drawers themselves inside the unit. I would have given up after about 20 minutes of swearing and banging my head on the cupboard.

 The carpet at the top of the stairs has been replaced where the cats had torn it in their desperation to sleep in our bed. And even better news is, we have had the door at the bottom of the stairs fixed much to my wife’s dismay. This means, our cats can now be locked downstairs at night. This means, no more being kicked in the face by my slightly stupid ginger cat. This means, no more cat dribble in my mouth, or eyes or ears! A full nights sleep, without being woken up by a needy, attention seeking being. I wonder how long that will last.

The nursery is also complete, and it look awesome. Clothes have been washed, and are in the drawers and hanging in the wardrobe. Nappies and cream are in place, toys are in the box and my wife’s nursing chair is in the corner looking ridiculously comfy. All that’s missing is curtains and a new light fitting. Oh, and the baby to go in it.


As it turns out though, we don’t actually have too long to wait for the baby. In fact, he could be here by the end of this week, or the week after or the week after that. We don’t know exactly when the baby will be here, but we do know that he will be here before October half term. For those that have read my previous blogs, you will know that my wife has Antibodies in her blood. These could be harmful to the baby if they rise, and risen they have! We are now above the level of safety as it were, and now require weekly scans to check for Anemia. If the consultant thinks that the baby is or is beginning to get Anemic, then the baby will come that week, if not, we do the same again the week after. It also means we got a free 3D scan, so bonus there, unbelievable pictures, it’s amazing what they can do these days.

We will be getting induced at week 37 regardless, so for us, the longer the better. It does mean though, that we have had to pack the hospital bags, and get them ready. This was fun, and also slightly nerve wracking. It really shook home that in fact, within the next 7 weeks, we will have a baby, and I can’t wait. I also made sure that it was MY change bag we are taking to the hospital, it’s one that I have had custom made from @RockBabyScissor on It is everything this nerdy dad needs, even if we have a girl, she is going to look really cool. Great bag, great price and quick turn around for an epic bag and change mat.


This week also saw the arrival of our little nephew, who is now a week old. Born 8lbs 5oz, and such a gorgeous little boy. Congratulations to his mum and dad, who have both done ever so well and hope that everything goes OK for the both of you.

So there you have it, one week off work and what a week we had. We got pretty much everything crossed off that beloved Excel spreadsheet, maybe even more.

So now it’s down to you little man, when are you going to make your appearance. I could do with a few more weeks of sleep before you come.