It’s alive….

He's waving!!

He’s waving!!

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted anything, so here goes.

Once you have finally accepted the fact that your partner is pregnant, that’s pretty much it for us fathers. We don’t have to deal with the morning sickness (which should actually be called all day sickness). We don’t get cravings, or get ridiculously hot, or have the mood swings and everything else that comes with carrying a baby. So it still doesn’t feel real until you get to the 12 week scan and then things change.

With this being my first child I didn’t expect to see what I did. I thought that I would just see a little bean shaped object sitting there. How wrong was I! Not only was I able to see two arms and two legs, but I could see this tiny human being doing somersaults and it even waved at us, just in time to have his photo taken. It was at this point did it truly hit me, that I had created another person, it was no longer an “it”, he was a person. So we have started to call him a “him”, he even has a name, Alan. Don’t ask, its a long story, and it is not staying, even if we do have a boy.

From this point on, we then went in to buying mode, or my wife did at least. We still have 17 weeks left, and there is approximately 1000 nappies upstairs of various sizes, as they were on offer. We have the furniture, the monitor, toys and a few clothes that people have bought us. What is due to be our nursery is full, like a bombs gone off, and he isn’t even here yet. We spent weeks researching the pram, and finally settled on one and bought it. And now, every time I see someone pushing a pram, I compare ours to it, I fully have pram envy. I’m loving every second of it.

Then comes the moment you have been waiting for, your partner feels the baby kick! You rush across and put your hand on the bump, and nothing… the fathers can’t feel it for another few weeks. And it sucks. You then have weeks of jealousy and being envious, because she can feel it, and she smiles like a Cheshire cat, and you spend 2 hours lying next to her with your hand on her belly. But when it does happen, it truly is magical. You feel the little kick against the palm of your hand and your smile goes from ear to ear. The tiny person that’s growing inside your partner can now be felt by the people outside, and it rocks!!

Throughout all this though, you have to go through numerous tests during pregnancy, or at least your partner does. Which by the way, if they don’t like their blood being taken, enjoy that. I had to hold my wife’s hair back on two separate occasions whilst she was sick in the doctors. Best get used to sick I suppose. Now if you don’t have any complications, then you are very lucky, it seems that everyone I have spoken to has had some complication or another. We are no different, my wife’s blood is a rare blood group, and she also has a high level of antibodies in her system, which can be harmful if they reach a certain level. So not also do you have the feeling of pure happiness throughout these 40 weeks, you also have a lot of worries that everything is going to be OK. However, I can safely say, that the NHS are brilliant when it comes to this type of thing, at least in our area, and they have put our minds at rest perfectly.

The next 20 weeks cant come quick enough, whilst also take as long as they want so we can enjoy the last few months of freedom. The emotions that you go through during pregnancy as a dad is no where near as stressful as the women, and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything at all.

Question is…. Boy or Girl?