The Pee Stick!

Who would have thought that someone weeing on a stick could change your life so dramatically.

Well that’s exactly what happened on the 6th of January 2014 for me. First, a bit of backstory. The wife and I had spoken about trying for a baby, and decided that it was something that we both really wanted, and this was back in September. The contraceptive pill was no more, but after 6 years we thought that it would take a while for everything to settle back to a normal cycle. We were obviously wrong, nature really works quickly. We weren’t trying to get pregnant with a religious schedule, and we didn’t pay any attention to the ovulation dates, but come January, this was something we had started to look into.

Which brings me on to something I very quickly discovered when trying for a baby, STOP reading the internet. DO NOT google anything, as all you see is a lot of statistics, percentages and chances when trying to conceive, and this can cause doubt in both of your minds, which doesn’t help at all. From what you see, it all comes down to 5 days when your little soldiers go on patrol to find the egg and launch their attack. It looks and seems like it will take a miracle, which I know for some people, it can be. I have family members who unfortunately cant have children, but who have adopted some wonderful children, so I can only imagine what it must be like to be in this situation.

Anyways, back to that Monday night, I had walked through the door from work to see my wife in the kitchen (she’s good like that) and she shows me the 1st pee stick. I look at it, wondering what I’m looking at to see 1 solid line and the faintest 2nd line you will ever see. It was so faint we couldn’t make out if it was there or we were seeing things. Neither of us wanted to get excited in case it was a negative, but we couldn’t take it as a negative either. So off I went to the chemist to buy a more reliable test, I got there all excited and demanded one of each pregnancy test they had (we still have loads spare, I’m waiting for me to get bored so I can see if I’m pregnant). A digital one was the one we settled for, this way there was no confusion. The longest 2 minutes of my life went by, and then the timer stopped flashing, and all that was left on the screen was “Pregnant”

Cue the wife breaking down in to tears and flapping her arms like a baby albatross trying to take off for the first time, when all she comes out with is “We’ve got no money”, closely followed by “I cant push a baby out”. All I’m thinking at this point (apart from OMG, I cant believe I’m going to be a dad) is “we’re not going to have any money for the next 18 years” and “you have got no choice”.

Now here’s the thing, when you find out that you are going to be a dad, you know that you should be elated, excited and over the moon, but all I could think was (and for a few days after) is this real? No medical practitioner has told us that we are pregnant, we are taking the word of a £10 stick with wee on it. For me, that was weird. Now, because it is still very early, we haven’t told everyone. We have only told our close family (and you reading this, but hey, don’t tell anyone) and this is also making it seem surreal. I go to work and cant talk about it, I have to wait another 6 weeks before we can tell people and actually see our baby in our first scan.

It is also an incredibly weird rollercoaster of emotions. You go to a ridiculous high, to a realisation of, “now what? it’s 9 months away”, in 24 hours nearly. You start reading up on what to expect over the next 9 months, and then your wife starts getting symptoms really quickly and falls asleep at 3 in the afternoon (Xbox time!)

Of course, all of these feelings, are overshadowed by the massive grin you have on your face the entire time. I cant stop thinking that I’m going to be a dad, and I cant wait! The next few months are going to be at times difficult, more so for my wife, but they are also going to be packed full of memories that I cant wait to get.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens, and wish you all luck if you are trying, it will happen and when it does, make sure you buy a digital pee stick, they are well worth the money!